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Founded in 1972, Berg and Duffy, LLP, is Long Island, New York's, first international law firm. B&D's senior partner is James P. Duffy, III, who has had a very distinguished international legal career.  He has served as Chair of the International Law and Practice Section of the New York State Bar Association ("NYSBA") and is currently involved in a number of trans-border initiatives for the NYSBA.  Berg and Duffy is committed to the highest values of ethics and professionalism. We believe it is not all right to be less than excellent.  B&D lawyers seek excellence in everything they do in their professional lives, their personal lives, and in their communities. 

B&D specializes in domestic and international banking, finance, securities, business, and commercial legal transactions and offers its services to banks, brokerage firms, businesses, and high net worth individuals.  Although small as international firms go, the Firm numbers among its clients some of the largest and best known banks, brokerage firms, and businesses in the world and has assisted them in many important transactions.  The Firm's strength, however, is being able to serve the smaller client who needs competent assistance with its international activities.  These smaller clients are often not well suited to the large international law firms where, because of the client's size, the client may not get the talent and attention of a large law firm's top people.  All Firm clients, large or small, deal directly with the Firm's top people. 

B&D is the exclusive member firm for the Principality of Monaco of Lex Mundi, the world’s leading association of independent law firms.  Lex Mundi is the mark of excellence for legal services globally. With more than 20,000 lawyers in over 160 elite law firms with over 560 offices, Lex Mundi member firms are present in more than 99 countries, states, and provinces. These premier law firms provide legal representation and local market knowledge just about anywhere needs may arise. Our firm's membership in Lex Mundi provides us with global reach and access to legal resources that enhance our ability to serve our clients’ needs around the world.  

The Firm is also the exclusive member firm for the Principality of Monaco of TAGLaw, a worldwide network of prominent, high-quality law firms. The TAGLaw network has 150 law firms with over 300 offices hosting approximately 7,500 lawyers in over 100 countries.  

For more information about B&D's memberships in Lex Mundi and TAGLaw, click the Legal Networks button at the right.  Because of B&D's membership in these networks and the Firm's foreign branch offices, B&D is able to assist clients, large and small, in very complex transactions that span many jurisdictions around the globe. 

The Firm is dedicated to serving its clients, large and small, according to the principles set forth in the following link that details The Rights of the Firm's Clients.  Thus, clients can comfortably select the Firm and its worldwide network of competent correspondents for whatever corporate, commercial, and personal needs they may have, wherever they may occur, and expect competent, timely, and efficient legal services at a reasonable cost. 

Please visit the rest of our site and learn more about who we are, what we do, and how we can help you.  We hope you find the information available here interesting and useful.  Please contact the Firm or one of its attorneys, should you require more information. 

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