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The Firm has successfully enforced foreign judgments and awards in the United States, Canada, Monaco, and elsewhere.  

A foreign court judgment is not effective outside the country whose courts rendered the judgment without taking further action.  Thus, if the judgment debtor does not reside in the country issuing the judgment or does not have assets there, to get meaningful results, the judgment creditor must take that judgment to a country where the judgment debtor resides or has assets.  This is often a daunting prospect for attorneys who are not familiar with the procedures that must be followed to be successful.  Unfortunately, this frequently means that collectable judgments remain unsatisfied.  

Arbitral awards present special problems, because, to enforce them against a recalcitrant counter party, you need to get court assistance.  Thus, it is necessary to get the courts of a country where the counter party resides or has assets to take further action in support of the award.  

If you have a judgment or an award issued in one country against a person who resides in or who has assets in a different country, contact the Firm about the steps you should consider taking to make that judgment effective in the country where the judgment debtor or the judgment debtor's assets may be found.  

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