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The office is very conveniently located in close proximity to the following important government offices:

  • SECOFI (Secretaría de Comercio y Fomento Industrial), the Ministry of Commerce;

  • Comisión Nacional de Inversiones Extranjeras (National Commission on Foreign Investments);

  • CONDUSEF, the National Commission for the Defense of Financial Services Users, a consumer agency to protect the interests of customers of financial services, mostly banks, stock brokers, insurers, and surety companies;

  • AMIS, the Mexican Association of Insurance Companies;

  • Several offices of the Ministry of Finance, among them the Dirección de Seguros y Valores, the authority in charge of insurance and securities;

  • Comision Nacional de Seguros y Fianzas, the National Commission on Insurance and Surety Bonds, the regulators of insurance and surety bond companies.

  • Instituto Mexicano de la Propiedad Insustrial, the Mexican Institute of Industrial Property, in charge of patents and trademarks. 

  • National Commission on Banks and Securities (Comisión Nacional Bancaria y de Valores),   the regulatory authorities on banks, stock brokers, and securities.

The Firm is pleased to assist clients having business at these nearby offices and can easily attend meetings at these offices, file papers there, or retrieve documents or information available there. 

For another map of Mexico City, click on the following link: mexicocitymap.gif (137242 bytes)

Near by Accommodations

Flamingos Plaza, 333 Revolución Ave., San Pedro de los Pinos. National Toll Free: 01 (800) 90 096 00, Phone: (5) 627 0220, Direct Reservations 52 (5) 723 2952, 52 (5) 723 2963, Fax: 52 (5) 515 4850

El Cid Hotel, 583 Revolución Ave., San Pedro de los Pinos. National Toll Free 1 800 908 5200, International Toll Free 1 800 884 5613, Phone 52 (5) 277 6411, 272 2729, 272 2237,  Fax 52 (5) 272 2183, 272 2237

Hotel Royal Pedrigal, Periférico Sur 4363, Col. Jardines en la Montaña C.P. 14210. México, D.F., Tel. 52 (5) 7269036 in Mexico city 01800 70482 00, Internatcional toll free 1800 8102892, Fax 51 (5) 645 7964

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