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Maquila in Mexico
Antitrust Regulation


This page collects a variety of information about Mexico, the country, its people, it history, it culture, and its tradition as well as some useful general legal information concerning Mexico.  It changes often as new information is added and existing information is updated and supplemented.  Plan to visit it often. 

General Information

Compendium of Mexico Business Links.  Links to many resources of interest to business people in and regarding Mexico.

Arizona State University.  Good list of links useful to doing business in Mexico.    

Mexico City Virtual Guide. Travel and Fun. Information and tips to enjoy Mexico City: sightseeing, services, events, culture, history, shows... for pleasure travel and business travel. 

CNN's Mexico City Guide.  This site, sponsored by CNN, provides considerable useful information about Mexico City and Mexico, including, hotels, restaurants, sites of interest, weather, and other information. 

Mexico Travel Guide.  Another informative guide about Mexico and Mexico City. 

Mexico Search Site.  Limited information on site, but contains many links to other sites of interest about Mexico. 

Legal Information


For many years, manufacturers located in the United States, as well as in other countries, have resorted to the manufacture or assembly of their products in countries such as Mexico, which offer attractive business incentives such as reduced labor costs and tax abatements.  The Firm can provide assistance on how to establish a  “maquiladora” company (in-bond-processing plant) throughout Mexico.  The article Maquila in Mexico by Gustavo Brauer provides general information to begin considering whether this approach is appropriate. 

Antitrust Regulation in Mexico

For many years antitrust regulation in Mexico was not a major obstacle to businesses, except for a very few of considerable size. The opening of the Mexican economy during the early 90’s, however, gave way to a number of investments by foreign entities that set up new companies or purchased all or substantially all the  stock of  a number of Mexican companies that played leading roles in their industry, and made them grow in such a fashion that local competitors did not have much of a chance.  Thus, Mexico is taking a different view of antitrust regulation.  The artucle Antitrust Regulation in Mexico by Gustavo Brauer gives an overview of these new developments. 

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