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Map of Mexico City
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Mexico City Office
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Brauer y Duffy
Insurgentes Sur 800
Piso 15-A
Col. Del Valle 
03100, México DF

Tel: +5255 5227-7053, (5255) 5523-5264
Fax: +5255 5523-5243

Mexico City is the world's largest city.  It is modern and cosmopolitan, sprawling, stately, multicultural, and packed with historic sites. Mexico City's industry, traffic, accommodations, restaurants, museums, architecture and performing arts are in keeping with everything expected of a world-class city. Mexico City is the heart of the nation.  Mexico City is the capital of Mexico. The country's residents simply call it, "Mexico".  

Importance of Mexico

Mexico has a very favorable trade agreement with the United States and Canada, the North American Free Trade Agreement.  It has also concluded a similar agreement with the European Union.  These agreements and relationships are an indication of Mexico's strength and importance in the world economy.  The Mexico City office is uniquely situated to offer advice on these important trade agreements, as well as on banking, financial, and commercial transactions in Mexico. 

Services of Mexico City Office

The Mexico City office offers all the services available throughout the Firm, either in its own offices in New York or Monaco or through its world-wide correspondents in Lex Mundi, the world's leading association of independent law firms, and TAGLaw, a worldwide network of quality law firms.  With links to 20,000 attorneys in 160 law firms with 560 offices in 99 countries, Lex Mundi members have the resources to develop solid relationships with other member attorneys spanning the globe.  TAGLaw is a recognized source of 7,500 expert lawyers in 150 law firms with 300 offices in 100 countries who are available to the Firm's clients whenever assistance may be needed.  Through these important relationships, as well as through its own offices in New York and Mexico City, the Firm is well able to serve the needs of its ever-growing numbers of international clients.  

Directions to the Mexico City Office

Check the following link for directions to the Mexico City office, a map of its general location,  and some information on near by accommodations.

More information about the Mexico City Office

For more information, contact Gustavo Brauer, Senior Partner in charge of the Mexico City Office. 

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