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As a public service to its clients and the bar, here are some selected legal and other links the Firm feels might be useful in finding information and having a better understanding of the law.  The posting of these links does not mean the Firm endorses these sites or warrants the accuracy or completeness of their contents.  Thus, anyone choosing to use these links should independently verify the information before using it.   Also, no one should use any information obtained from these sites in violation of the rights, if any, of others in that information. 

Bar Associations
  • New York State Bar Association. Considerable information compiled and maintained by the New York State Bar Association, New York's state-wide voluntary bar association. and the largest voluntary bar association in the United States.
  • American Bar Association. Considerable information compiled and maintained by the American Bar Association, the national voluntary bar association.
  • Nassau County (New York) Bar Association. Information compiled and maintained by the Nassau County (New York) Bar Association, one of the largest county bar associations in the State. 
Legal Reference Sites
  • Hieros Gamos. A comprehensive collection of more than 50,000 useful sites and links related to law and the practice of law formerly affiliated with Lex Mundi of which the Firm is a member.
  • Law Journal Extra. The site of the New York Law Journal and the National Law Journal, plus many legal and related resources.
  • Guide to Courts on the Internet. Includes links to U.S. Supreme Court opinions, U.S. Circuit Court opinions, U.S. District and Bankruptcy Court opinions, State Court opinions.
  • The "Find Law" Site. A catalog with a broad range of internet legal resources.
  • The American Lawyer.  A collection of legal resources. 
  • The 'Lectric Law Library's. The Forms Room contains many interesting and useful forms of contracts, leases, letters, wills, etc.
  • Convention on the International Sale of Goods. Pace University's very useful site for the United Nations Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods ("UNCISG").
  • Gavel2Gavel. An interesting internet legal research web tool. Designed to guide its guests to the vast amount of legal and governmental resources available on the internet in a quick, concise, and easy to use format.
  • Legal Technology Site. A site that specializes in legal technology.
  • Guide To Freedom of Information Act Requests. This site offers a rather comprehensive Citizen's Guide On Using The Freedom of Information Act, including forms that might be useful in making requests, appealing refusals, etc.
International Organizations
Government Sites
International Services
  • offers a unique combination of discount US and international services like international callback, worldwide toll free numbers, and global calling cards. 
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