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Who are we?  

We are a small international law firm with offices in New York, Mexico City, and Monaco with memberships in three important networks that allow us to provide our clients the services they need in most major jurisdictions worldwide. 

Who do we serve?  

While we serve some of the worlds largest banks, brokerage firms, and businesses, we also serve and understand the needs of smaller businesses that need international legal services. 

 Why can we help you?  

  • If you are a large business, you will appreciate our individual attention to your problem.  The people working on your matter will always know who you are and the status of your matter, because we give every client individual care. 
  • If you are a smaller business or an individual, being small ourselves, we understand the problems you have when the try to address international matters.  Because we are small, our clients, whether they are big or small, never get lost in the bureaucracy of a large firm that prefers to serve only the largest businesses. 

How can we help you? 

Please look at the information we have put on this website.  it shows who we are, what we do, and how we might be able to use our expertise to help you with a problem in international law that requires expert attention.  We would be pleased to be of assistance, if we have the necessary expertise.  

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